Lenka Vítková

And she said:

Exhibition in Pavilon Gallery, Prague, 2009. Three textual works: video Dream book based on shifts in meanings between subtitles and their parallel audio commentary, a text for the word but at the bottom of a box, and a text on a piece of paper pinned on the wall next to the gallery exit. Translated by David Joseph Gaul

Dream Book. Scenario of video 3,51’.

Misunderstanding is sexy. The anxiety that arises from misunderstanding injects an undertone of fatality into every situation – that which is so powerfully experienced must, after all, be extremely important. It therefore seems that if by chance a misunderstanding is ultimately avoided and the level of apprehension recedes, the matter doesn’t merit any attention. The following examples offer insight into how a state of misunderstanding can be maintained. Misunderstanding is regarded here as a certain sign of life.

possibility – necessity, serendipity – destiny, chance encounter – fateful, one of many – one and only, bids farewell and departs – leaves for good, later – never, just over there – nowhere, he’s talking to someone else – he’s somewhere else and always will be, he’s talking to someone else – he’s somewhere else that can’t be reached, he’s talking to someone else – he doesn’t want to talk to me, I’ll send it to you – nothing will come, she’s standing by herself – she’s alone and always will be, he’ll come – from now on he’ll always be on his way one thousand times in a row, we’re going – we’re planning a jurney, I’m giving – I’m being preyed upon, It’s invisible – it doesn’t exist, sometime next year – never, we could – we must, sometime next year – in 2009, goodbye – farewell, come in – panic is flooding over me; I am being assaulted, maybe – never, maybe – definitely, tomorrow – never, perhaps tomorrow – tomorrow, see you later – we’ll never meet again, so, at one here – me neither

When everything gets sorted out and when everything is finally understood, it seems as if the world is back on track, like when the teeth of a zipper glide smoothly together find. But the impression is merely fleeting. Between individual flashes of understanding there is always long spells of emptiness. As if a singer is replaced in a passionate duet by a pale and listless guitarist who keeps looking back and forth at the music because he can’t remember the words. It happened to me.

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